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Navixel Group is a leading specialist in Travel and Information Technology (IT) developed by the Software experts & Travel Industry. We work closely with every sector of the travel and IT to develop and manage efficient business solutions over the world’s most extensive network. Navixel Group provides comprehensive booking engine solutions for the travel industry, providing you with the complete control over your travel business and allowing you to significantly improve every aspect of your online operations. With many of new features added to our suite of applications each year, we make sure that Navixel Group continues to deliver customer focused quality products and innovative business solutions. Our team works constantly with utmost efficiency and productivity to develop the best products in the market.
Navixel Group’s strategy is designed to create value products by leveraging Company’s many strengths. These include its global leadership in the field of Information Technology, a highly productive development capability and a distinctive company culture that focuses on delivering innovative products that improve end-users’ business. As part of our strategy, we place a high priority on attracting, developing and retaining highly talented people. Our employees aspire to live with the goals and values of our company and have transformed the vision of Navixel Group’s founders into reality. Our team is working constantly to cater to the growing demands of travel industry. We have a history of working with companies of all shapes and sizes and would continue to offer the quality services in Web Designing and Developing Travel Solutions.

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Ravi Kumar Panwar


Ajay Kaushik

Managing Partner

Sunil Lahik

Director of Operations

Vishakha Kaushik

Business Development Manager

Priyanka Gandhi

Operations Manager

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