We are providing the complete online travel solutions to various travel communities:

FareNexus Group provides expert corporate solutions that can help travel agencies to maximize profit and increase their market value. Our team aspires to provide quality services and innovative solutions to our clients. We are specialized in providing software solutions to organizations across industries throughout the globe. We have experience in catering to a wide range of industries like B2B Online booking, B2C Booking Engine, Hosting Websites, and providing Corporate Solutions. We provide excellent business solutions that empower our clients with a competitive advantage and generate more revenue.

We provide a simple yet powerful B2C booking solution. Our tool allows customers to browse through a number of travel itineraries which are compiled from various airline vendors. Efficient filters (departure, price, airline etc.) help customers to narrow down the search as per their requirement. Our payment process is easy and secure. Making reservations available to customers online and providing online payment solutions helps you to expand your business, improves customer service and results in increase the profits and minimal revenue losses.

With online reservation becoming essential part of modern travel booking system, FareNexus Group provides a comprehensive B2B reservation software. Our idea is to provide you the best fares for your search. For this, our engine connects to various airlines and GDS to bring fares meeting your requirements. It is an advanced technical infrastructure to suit your business model and help you to increase sales.

Travel API is a key part for travel agencies to bring the special contracts in the markets through OTAs. Travel APIs are the fast streaming parsers, let you work with very large amounts of data quickly with little memory overhead. Each standard comes completely with a schema, which means that any client or server is capable of validating a document to make sure it is correct enough before it starts parsing, and which makes it easier to edit the document using one of the many of the mature tools that are available.

Fare Management System is a main key to generate profits from B2B, B2C and OTAs API. FareNexus Group provides services throughout the fare filing lifecycle – collection, review, quality checks and expired-fares reminder. We help our clients in managing costs with a flexible and open system. Our fare management solutions are rich in technology and efficient when it comes to performance. Our both B2C and B2B booking engines’ solutions are capable of fetching the cheapest fares in relatively less time and make it more user friendly.

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